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Re: IBM PS/1 2155-593 Restoration

Thanks, that helps - check this out: tracing-imisc418.jpg This is only my guess at the moment but the lines match up too well. I think the R174 - R175 - R176 are the solder/component jumpers to specify the PLL frequency. They are like this between the two boards: -----PS/1 2155-593 DX33 ----- Your …

Re: IBM PS/1 2155-593 Restoration

I'm working on a PS/1 2168 and the board looks identical to the board in this thread. However, my board is set to 25Mhz and there doesn't seem to be a jumper to change it to 33Mhz. The only difference I can spot int the picture is that the board in this thread has a jumper connected to j27 That's …

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