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Re: Case Slot Fans and the Voodoo 3

Glad it's useful to someone :) I'm working on one for the PCI card now I recommend using PETG or ABS if possible, though it's purposely designed to be away from the card & heatsink, PLA can get a bit floppy if it's over maybe 50c - the other day I made a monitor stand part out of some dark grey PLA …

Re: Case Slot Fans and the Voodoo 3

I was trying to solve this problem last week too - I made some fan adapters to fit a 92mm or 80mm fan to the card. It's about the same as zip tieing a fan to it, but attaches securely to the board holes with some 10mm (2000) or 15mm (3000) "m3 hex spacers". I've attached the STL files if anyone …

Re: Intel Xe Gaming GPU

antrad wrote on 2020-04-01, 10:07: Disassembly and some third-party benchmarks here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s13iFPSyKdQ Oh nice! The bandwidth of LMNOPRAM is really impressive 😁

Re: Broken SCC-1?

It sounds like some of the voices aren't being played, or they're being cut off? I'm not familiar with the SCC-1 beyond being aware that it's an SC-55 + MPU401 on the same card. It looks like it's got 4 ROM modules, maybe one of those has some trouble, or there's a damaged trace / bad solder joint …

Re: MP-32 : Pi based MT32, GM, ... module

Some progress, FX1 hardware is ready (still working on the firmware) soundcard with usb audio streaming and effects processing possibility. It will be perfect for usage in MP-32 and other projects too maybe i should make a separate thread for FX1 FX1.JPG I'm keen to know more about it, it's the …

Re: Voodoo3 AGP - is she dead ? :(

I think if your card got flexed when moving it from one PC to another or when changing a heatsink, that could be causing what you're seeing. I've got something similar, I had a working Voodoo 3 3000 that become not-working when I fitted a bigger heatsink to it. I heard a small *tink* sound when …

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