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Re: 3DFX Voodoo 1 - Win98 Green Screen

I've seen the green / turquoise screen thing happen when trying to run a Voodoo 1 in win95 / 98 after that OS install had had a Voodoo 2 installed with the Voodoo 2 drivers before. Manually clearing out the Voodoo 2 drivers and reinstalling the V1 drivers helped. Since Tomb Raider is working in DOS, …

Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

Hello. I am using SBEMU on a computer with a Biostar M6VCF motherboard. During startup, SBEMU displays that it uses the VIA VT82XX AC97 audio chip. The problem is that digital audio is always played twice as fast as it should be. Are there any SBEMU settings that will solve this problem? Have you …

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