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Re: How to (manually) align a FAT filesystem?

I did a manual edit on 4K/512e disks to get an aligned partition scheme for my DOS compatible systems. The 2 M alignment in partition utility since Windows Vista ignores CHS alignment. DOS fdisk ignores 4 K alignment. In DOS, partition track starts at cylinder 0, head 0, sector 1 and has 63 sectors. …

Re: LFB bug in CL-GD5428

Moogle! wrote on 2020-02-10, 03:05: What real world games/programs does this affect? Does it affect later revisions, such as the 5429 and 5434? Does it affect both ISA and VLB, or just one or the other? I cannot use more than 48 MB with my 5429 on VLB because LFB is placed just below 64 MB.

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