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Re: Voodoo 2 4444SX

Beautiful. Quick question regarding an eventual release of the design files - I wanted to get a rough idea of how expensive it'd turn out, and looking up that FPGA it seems it already costs ~€2500 by itself [edit: Found another, similar one... -1FF instead of -2FF, but it still costs ~€2100), is …

Re: PCChips M575 - repair help - need a few V readings

in Milliways
Readings: with PSU on 1. 3.3V pin of the voltage selector for SIMM ram (close to slots) 2. CS4986 chip, close by simm (see pics down), pins 1 and 49 3. mosfets readings with and without cpu inserted (single voltage i.e.) ... Hello, 1. JP4 (both A and B) in 3.3v position - measured 3.5V on jumpers; …

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