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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

Guys, These Creative DAC’s take your Speakers and Headphones to another Level. Crystal clear audio with Good Treble and Base. Great for Movies, Games, Music, etc…… Works with PC / Mac I use this to connect my PC to my Home theater AVR with Toslink connection.

Re: Dual Slot 1 440FX build

I built one of these computers back around 1998-99 I used the Intel Motherboard and Pentium-ll@333mhs Dual CPUs 64mb SDRAM and Dual Fast SCSI hard drives. ( 4gb each ) I remember it was a little loud because of the SCSI hard drives. I had installed Sun Solaris but the Motherboard also supports Linux …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

What does a $300 ( 165 terrabyte ) computer look like ? Guys, I put together this Rock Solid Reliable base configuration computer under $300 Fully Supported in Win-10, Win-11, and Linux ( Plug-n-Play Hardware ) Triple Boot Win-10, Win-11, and Linux by installing OS on Seperate SSD’s. This computer …

Re: Show me your testbench

I purchased this really nice Bench with draws and shelves and power strips. I purchased from a computer supply liqidator. It’s in my Garage with boxes stacked on top. So I never use it. For now I just use my 486 computer as a table with a cardboard box on top for a Test Bench.

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