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Re: Super Duper printers

I have always had great success with HP printers. ( inkjet and laser and network and scanners ). And they have great software to support there printers and scanners. If I had to choose on printer to buy it would definitely be an HP. From my experience. And I have many years of experience with …

Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

Well if you ask what CPU made the BIGGEST impact on the computer market it would have had to have been the first gen. Pentium. It was a Wreaking ball that dominated the computer industry. Putting many UNIX workstations And servers out of commission. Married with WinNT 4.0 workstation and server or …

Re: Pandemic Builds

Well, time to fix some old computers. 1) Digital Station 800 2) Enlight case build 3) 486dx-33 Nostalgic build 4) Aluminum Cooler Master Wave Case build 5) Lian Li case build 6) Pentium II 400mhz build. 7) Dual Intel Slot one build. 8 ) AMD K7 build. 9) AMD Duron build 10) ??????? I have all the …

Re: Super Duper printers

You can’t go wrong with HP Laser printers. I have always bought them. They just work as intended and they have good software support. Did HP buy Samsung printer division ?

Re: things you don't do with a retro PC

A Retro computer should be looked at like an Arcade machine. It is for playing old DOS games and listening to music on old Sound cards. It’s just a piece of Nostalgia. You should NOT use it like an everyday computer to store your critical data on or surf the internet.

What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

This is NOT a poll. I just would like to hear about what is your favorite CPU from your builder experience and why. For me it’s the 486. I hate it and like it because it challenges me every time I build one of these computers. BIOS settings , jumpers , drivers, etc.... It keeps my mind working.... …

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