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Re: What’s in your Garage ?

What many of these Silicon Valley computer people had in common was that they were all looking for the “Perfect computer”. An all-in-one computer that could do it all. Hence my “iPad”.

Re: What’s in your Garage ?

wiretap wrote on 2020-02-18, 20:09: I don't keep computer components in my garage because it isn't environmentally controlled. Yes, people who want to solder stuff together usually work outside or in the garage. A well ventilated room. Unless you have the convenience of a well ventilated facility.

What’s in your Garage ?

As you may or may not know. Silicon Valley was started in the Garage. With Apple computers and Hewlett-Packard and many more. The Garage is a Notorious place concocting all kinds of stuff. From Music bands, garage weekend parties, etc.... It’s NOT just for the Car. So i would like to see photo’s of …

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