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Re: GeForce 7800 GTX on AM4 board under Windows 10

Geforce 7800 GTX is good up to windows XP. For whinedows 10, I'd get something a little more grunty. You can get the 7800 GTX working on whinedows 10, but it isn't a very good experience. You should just get a much more modern card, then with DX9 games they should be fine. The ones that don't run, …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
I would prefer just a settings dialog to change things like emulated SB settings, emulated system speed, keyboard and joystick bindings, MPU-401 passthrough and other system settings. The ability to load and save profiles in a GUI as well would be good. Trying to autoconfigure based on filename/hash …

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