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Re: Help me to identify this strange VESA card

http://vgamuseum.info/index.php/cards/item/488-western-digital-wd90c33-zz Those ram chips are a bit weird, also found on some other cards made from Trident, I don't remember the chip now, but something low-end if I recall correctly. maybe this can help: https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/graphics-cards …

Re: X1950 AGP problems

Maybe you need to change the thermal paste. Also check if the cooler is making proper contact with the chip underneath. Also, use DDU or Driver Uninstall 2.7 to remove the older drivers and make a fresh install.

Re: Why is Voodoo 3 so popular?

For SS7, a Voodoo Banshee is actually way better, as even the fastest SS7 system can not fully utilize a Voodoo3 (you'd need 1 GHz+ for that). Having said that, I personally don't agree that it was a good card for its time. It's more or less a V2 SLI with a 2D core in a single-chip solution. Still …

Re: Why is Voodoo 3 so popular?

It is a very good card for its era. But be prepared to pay a premium for it. As a good cheap substitute I could recommend the Gf2 Mx. There is a YouTube Channel called Philscomputerlab that did a series called Best Gpu for Super Socket 7 CPUs, which applies to Win98 gaming era. He goes in depth for …

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