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Re: Collecting rants

Or just stop dealing with people like you who are too lazy and too slow to understand how business really works. That simple. Take your negative seller's rating and go on your merry way. Well then, I hope all your clients treat you in the way you just described. And with that said I think this is …

Re: Collecting rants

Expecting a message within 1-2 days is not "here and now". It's just normal especially from sellers who use gmail so they get a notification on their smartphone. The "I'm too busy to reply or go to the PO" line is usually a bullshit excuse for lazyness after the buyer already paid. It's the same as …

Re: Collecting rants

I hate when sellers take forever to reply to a message. People are literally fused with their smartphones but don't have time to answer a simple question? Please. (...) I also hate when it takes 4-5 days to ship a simple item I ordered. Frankly, if there is something that does annoy me, it's that …

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