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Re: 3dfx card lot two questions

The top right card being a pci banshee might be worth a little more, and is a good all in one card for pentium/pentium pro systems For maximum compatibility with early dos games, maybe you can run the voodoo 1 (black card) with the voodoo 5?

Re: GeForce2 Ti vs. Matrox G400

Matrox had great 2D image quality and a fantastic marketing department - that's it. I still remember the Matrox and Pentium Pro posters all over the school IT department and we all wanted those as kids - nothing to do with how good either of those were at gaming, compared to more sensible …

Re: Graphics card for Pentium Pro build

Matrox cards were never great for gaming and have aweful drivers. I would go a TNT or GF2MX because they work, have good drivers and good dos games compatibility. They are also common enough that you can try a few to get one with the sharpest image output

Re: Choosing the right sound card ?

Also you need a sound card with an MPU-401 to drive a GM device. OP you should consider taking the time to do some research and explain what it is you're trying to do for once - i.e. show some respect for the people here who are kindly trying to answer your questions. I think asking here is his …

Re: Best "modern" GFX card and driver for K6 system

It's a very mismatched system.. is there a reason for the specs being what they are? Windows 2000 is very much not a gaming OS, 768mb of ram is overkill, radeon cards of that era are only going to cause you grief A geforce 2 mx is more than enough for it, consider dropping to 512mb ram if you want …

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