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Re: VESA mode programming from real mode

VBE 2.0 is superset of 1.2. Yes, there is LFB and the new protected mode banking interface for improved performance, but 1.x functions accessed using int 10 are still there. Chances are that if you target 8086 then you are unlikely to be dealing with 2.0 hardware anyway

Re: FPU daughterboard

It is not completely unfeasible as the Weitek 3167 is a memory mapped-device which appears to CPU as a block of memory (unlike stack based x87) . However, it would probably have to be a local-bus device as it is a 32bit device sitting on COOOOOOO and VL-Bus wasn't very common on a 386. I've never …

Re: Mach64 PCI versions - ROM BIOS

in Marvin \ Video
Yes, the Graphics Pro Turbo 1600 used the 109-33200-x0 boards, just like the one you pictured. http://old.vgamuseum.info/images/stories/palcal/ati/637_p.n.109-33200-10_ati_mach64gx_top_hq.jpg Not sure about board numbers, but I don't believe the card on your picture is Graphics Pro Turbo 1600. 1. …

Mach64 PCI versions - ROM BIOS

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Bought a Mach64 GX PCI card. It comes with VRAM upgrade and it appears to be a Mac Version due to connector setup (DSUB and 15-pin) https://dependency-injection.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DSC_8954-scaled.jpeg It doesn't work in a PC (doesn't even power on screen). I was wondering if I can just …

Dallas DS12887 longevity

Got Intel Batman motherboard. I was just about to heat up my soldering iron to remove the DS12887 chip, but tried to turn it on first. At it looks like the original Dallas part with 1994 date code is still working. Remembers time / settings just fine between reboots for extended period of time. All …

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