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Re: List of Free Games

Would have posted this sooner but the Epic launcher decided to not work, eventually figured out had to delete the Epic folder in appdata to get it to work again. Also is it just me or is the Epic Launcher UI incredibly slow. It's similar to if you browse the internet without a ad blocker …

Re: Sound Blaster LIVE DOS Joystick

Ok, I think I may have found another issue. The Gravis PC Gamepad has two switches on it, one on the top and one on the bottom of the controller. Try switching them both to the left. Many DOS games are not able to use controllers with more than two buttons, so this may be all you need.

Re: Sound Blaster LIVE DOS Joystick

I believe that the DOS drivers have to be installed before the joystick port will work. These can be found on the original cd, which can be found on vogonsdrivers.com (I'm not sure of your card's model number, so I can't link them directly). The patches on Creative's site do not have the pure dos …

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