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Re: Best cpu for Voodoo Banshee

Greetings, trying to ascertain whether or not a 16 megabyte Banshee Voodoo 2 would be a good fit for a Pentium one MMX 266, possibly over clock to 300 megahertz. I don't really want to put it in a Pentium II since my BX chipset motherboard can go all the way up to Tualatin. I realize this is a …

Re: Another Rusty post

One the exterior, there are only a few small holes of rust. I was pondering cleaning those spots only, then using appliance touch up. Once done, cleaning and lightly sanding it all, and spraying down with almond appliance epoxy spray. Will that stick to the existing paint as long as it is clean and …

Another Rusty post

I've got a case where there are clips on the top lid that groove in to the frame to seal it up. The inside of the lid is galvanized, so that won't take paint without removal of the zinc. I don't really want to paint this, just stop the rust on those clips that are permanently attached to the inside …

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