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Edit.com replacement

MS-Dos 7.1 Edit .com has a maximum file size limit of around 4.7MB. Trying to open a file with a size larger than this will produce an 'out of far memory!' error message. Someone made a patch to bypass this limit (around 1998-99) but I can't remember the exact name or find it after searching . The …

Re: SB Audigy SB0090 DOS support

Add the following line "Set CTSYN=c:\DOSDRV" without the quotation marks in your Autoexec.bat file BEFORE the line C:\DOSDRV\SBINIT.COM That is assuming that your Audigy Dos drivers are located in the directory c:\DOSDRV . Sbeinit.com wil then be able to find the CTSYN.INI file that holds the config …

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