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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Quite the beast. And a fantastic deal indeed. Good job fixing that battery leakage! I never really understood the concept of big towers though. Hardly anyone ever used all these 5.25" bays, so it's a complete waste of space... That's also the reason I don't own a single one of these huge towers, …

Re: Cannot use Windows XP after installing P3 CPU for Lucky Star 6LX2 Ver 1.1 (Intel 440LX)

Well, first of all, the board uses the 440LX chipset which - unlike the 440BX - does not support FSB speeds > 66 MHz. To max out the board CPU-wise, you would probably have to go with Celeron CPUs (433 MHz Mendocino core for Slot 1, 733 MHz Coppermine-128 core if you use a slotket, preferably with …

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