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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Latest iteration of my money pit, thanks to quarantine boredom. Specs: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Supermicro P3TDDE 2x Pentium III-S @ 1266MHz 512MB PC133 ECC Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB 80GB Barracuda 7200.7 (OS + programs), 160GB Diamondmax Plus 9 (games) SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Digital (primary sound card), …

Re: 3dmark99 MegaThread

Quick run on my XP rig. Ignore the OC shown in the screenshot, turns out it didn't actually apply (it's set to only turn on when a 3D program is running and it never tripped). Result file is attached as well to show that it's not a tampered with score. Only things of note is that I had to install …

Re: What DOS games do you feel I'm missing?

in DOS
Turrican 2 and Dangerous Dave trilogy , Goblins games? should be there as well but tbh your list is so small mate... it would help to write what genres you are interested in Honestly it's easier just to say that I'm not into text-adventure games (such as A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). This is …

What DOS games do you feel I'm missing?

in DOS
I've been getting DBGL all set up on my XP rig over the past few days and I'm just curious if y'all think I'm missing anything. So uh... Yeah. Let 'er rip, tater chip. The desktop screenshot linked at the very end was included just in case I have some GoG games that are DOS. NOTE: Command & Conquer …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

This guy is VERY much a WIP (at some point I want to get a 4x512MB ECC RAM kit, a better graphics card, and a case that isn't trash and has both sidepanels), but here it is as it sits. SuperMicro P3TDDE 2x 1266MHz Tualatin P3's 1x 512MB PC133 ECC (generic brand with Samsung chips) ATI Radeon 9600 …

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