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Windows 95 - memory leaks? Memory issues

Hi, just installed vanilla copy of Windows 95 4.0.950B on my computer with following spec: * Pentium 166 MMX, * 64 MB EDO ram * 8GB hdd * S3 4MB video PCI The problem I had since the beginning was low memory. First I started with 32MB of SDR ram stick (with 64MB stick it wont POST, tried at least 20 …

The most powerful Windows 2000 GPU?

Hi guys, I started building my overpowered Windows 2000 rig. The computer I plan to build is double boot Windows 2000 PRO SP4 + Vista x64. These are my current specs: * mobo is Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3P nForce 520; * AMD Phenom X2 555 Black Edition, 2x3.2GHz, goes up to 3.9 GHz no problem on air; * 4 x 2 …

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