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Re: Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 high pitched whine when playing Midi files and buzzing when moving cursor in Windows 95

CT1350B -> 286, 386SX CT1600 -> 386DX, early 486s SB16s (earlier) -> later 486s to early Pentiums SB16s (later) -> 486s to Pentiums AWE32 and later -> Pentiums Keep it like that (period correct), and you will minimize problems. Using CT1350B or CT1600 on Pentium machine (even for testing) seems a …

Re: MT-32 motherboard revisions?

OTP ROMs were just cheaper. OTP EPROMs are identical to UV erasable EPROMs, just they don't have the window to let in UV light. The data will still be corrupted over time. Also it takes a long time for UV EPROMs with exposed window in direct sunlight to be "erased" (hours if not days) and I'm not …

Re: MT-32 motherboard revisions?

neither is more desireable than the other. mask roms just means you cant erase and reprogram them. I have an 00, it has 1.07. In this case, mask ROMs are definitely superior to EPROMs. The data stored in EPROMs will be corrupted over time. It takes seconds/minuets when exposed to UV light or …

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