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Re: Another World (can't quit?)

Champion, that worked. Thanks! I have the 1992 IBM/Tandy Big Box version. So no readme.bat or anything like that on the installation disks (3.5" or 5.25"), nor in the installed directory. Just the INSTALL.BAT, BANK0*, VOL.1/2/3/4, CONFIG.DAT/.LNG, TABVOL.BIN, WORLD.EXE and SETUP.EXE files.

Another World (can't quit?)

Hi there, I just got Another World / Out of this World running on my 486 (actually: AMD 5x86 @ 160MHz) Got sound and everything working, but I have absolutely no idea how to quit the game. No combination of keys I have tried will exit (CTRL-C, Q, etc)! The manual says nothing about quitting. Does …

Re: Fake DX4-100 WB?

I guess your mobo supports wb chips, right ? Yes. All the benchmarks above were done on the same modern-ish motherboard (4SA W2/W5 - vlb/isa/pci combo), which supports WB, and had the motherboard jumper settings configured for P24D but at 3.45V. The real &EW chip provides a cpuid of 0490h (16kB L1 …

Fake DX4-100 WB?

Greetings. It appears that two Intel DX4-100 writeback CPUs (&EW tag) I acquired from one source might be fake. Fake in that the L1 cache won't work in WB mode. The performance and cpuid is identical to a standard non-WB DX4-100 (&E and Overdrive), so I guess someone went to the effort of re- …

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