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486 Build Troubles

I bought a 486 MB and several cards some months ago in a package deal. I also got a P8/P9 AT/ATX adapter, but it had no switch.I bought a switch and had a buddy attach some wires and leads to it. Today, I hooked up the graphics card I got, added in a fresh battery, then set up the PC with a VGA …

My First 486 Build!

Recently, I was able to buy a bunch of 486 PC parts, and have decided to try to get one going. I've never built one before, but am familiar with it in a tangential sorta way. I'm relieved that my MB has a standard watch battery instead of a drum battery, for example. Below are a compilation of both …

Re: Got 2 ISA Cards, What Now?

What I really need to know is how to hook it all up alongside my WIN98 sound card. Do I need cables to interconnect the cards I have? When I hook up speakers, do I need to constantly be switching out the speaker cable in the back of the machine?

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