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Re: Windows 10 on Core2Duo

I haven't seen any problems with Core 2 and Win10. 4GB is a bit tight but it's adequate for web, email, and a basic office suite. You want an SSD though and a discrete GPU with Win10 drivers, so you aren't sharing system RAM and you aren't on video drivers meant for Vista as the IGP would be. and …

Re: Windows 10 on Core2Duo

So would a card like the Asus P5L2D be good as a support computer, internet consultation, CD burning, etc? and would the Floppy disk and IDE channels of this card (which has the 945 chipset) work well on win10 even though technically I don't think it has the drivers for these components?

Re: Windows 10 on Core2Duo

chrismeyer6 wrote on 2024-05-17, 19:07: It'll still run. My wife's older laptop was similar CPU and 4 gigs of RAM. It served her needs fine untill the battery failed interesting thanks.. and what about the use of Windows7 in this scenario? about browser availability ecc

Windows 10 on Core2Duo

They gave me a Pentium4 and the motherboard is an Asus P5LD2-SE, looking for information on this card I discovered that it can mount up to the Core2Duo E6700. Unfortunately my revision is 1.0 so I can't mount it. But it reminded me of a possible support computer for retrocomputers. Since this card ( …

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