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Re: Suggested Sound card for 386SX

sonfinal suggestion is: 386sx - sb2.0 486dx to dx4 -sbpro2 P75 - sb16 is correct? actually that's what I thought too but I preferred to have confirmation from you too that you are incredibly competent p.s. I would also have another system ... the first IBM pc, equipped with 8087, ram expansion and …

Re: Suggested Sound card for 386SX

I forgot to mention that I also have a Pentium75. If I put the Sb16 in the pentium75, I put the sbPRO2 in the 486DX2 / DX4, is the sb2.0 very wrong in the 386sx20? il386sx20 is a very slow computer, I think it is only for graphic adventures and a little further. Or is sb2.0 so poorly supported that …

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