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Re: Terra Nova in PCem?

in DOS
Yeah, Terra Nova is a pretty demanding game if you crank up the resolution and details. I played through it on a K6-III+ 600 and there were many moments in which there was lots of slowdown. I'd say something along the lines of a Pentium II 400 or early Pentium III ought to be enough for most of the …

Re: Voodoo 3 3000 AGP under performing?

Could also just be Aladdin V shenanigans, it's been a while since I messed around with one. If the problems persist, try tweaking some more with the AGP Tool and take a look at what other users in the forum have used. Only compare results with other K6+ systems, Celeron 466 that someone above …

Re: Found a GXM-530D motherboard with GXm-266GP cpu and 128mb RAM. Cant find any info, worth keeping??

I have the same processor with the older chipset, it's a lot of fun to tinker with. The MediaGX core is essentially a die-shrunk Cyrix 5x86 with silicon reserved for Audio and Video as well. Nothing fancy, but at the time it was considered very impressive. GXm adds MMX instructions I believe. At …

Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

in Milliways
The one that's most important to me is the Pentium 133. I simply would not be here typing this if it were not for that CPU. However, my favorite in terms of how it performed at the time and how efficient it was and all that, has to be one from the original lineup of Core2Duo processors on desktops. …

Re: Matrox G400/G450 Quake III Performance

Hey guys, slightly off-topic but I figured you might be able to help me out. The OpenGL ICD present in the latest Matrox G200 driver is bugged, most notably causing issues with transparencies and I've long heard that Matrox apparently kept updating the ICD for a while and just never bothered to …

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