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Re: 16Bit Color Dos Games

GTA actually has a 24-bit graphics mode. Quite a bit more demanding that 8bit btw, it's also the standard color scheme under Windows I believe. X-Men Children of the Atom I believe also had higher color depth, probably 15bit. It's a port of an arcade fighting game (most probably ported from the PS1 …

Re: Geforce 4 Ti 4200 performance issues

That does sound like a CPU bottleneck. NFS Underground is very CPU demanding and that P4 1.7 is pretty miserable. Try benchmarking with some more popular games (perhaps Doom 3 for which there's a megathread in this forum), this could help you compare with similar CPUs and see how far off you are. …

Re: Socket 370 VIA C3 Retro DOS PC

I'm not sure a Voodoo1 will work properly on this system. The card has issues with later Pentium II (400MHz) systems and above. You can use it just fine without an extension cable as others have suggested, a two monitor setup could work for troubleshooting for the time being. I'd try a Glide game …

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