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Re: mt32emu-smf2wav - playback too fast

Well, don't you get some error messages when trying to convert this file using mt32emu-smf2wav? Apparently I do. I didn't notice them before. And, to be honest, I wouldn't know what to do about them anyway - the content doesn't seem truncated, only playing at a much higher tempo. Not quite. While …

mt32emu-smf2wav - playback too fast

Hi! I wonder if this is a bug in mt32emu-smf2wav or perhaps in my settings: I am using munt 2.3.0 based Windows executables to convert MIDI files (in this case, Tom Lewandowski's recording of the complete King's Quest 5 soundtrack, page , archive , but it seems to apply to other files too) to WAV. …

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