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Re: GODS Keyboard Issue

Okay, seems to be my Aten KVM causing the issue. I used a PS/2 keyboard direct and had no issue. This is odd, I run a ton of DOS games and this is the only one I've had an issue with. It must have some odd input code or something.

GODS Keyboard Issue

I'm having an issue with the keyboard on the game GODS. The game works fine running straight from Windows 98 SE dos prompt. However, in DOS 6.22 it works as long as you don't hold a key. When a key is held for a couple of seconds, it gets "stuck" repeating that key, and the keyboard stops responding …

Re: S3 Virge GX 385 Video Noise Recap?

Taking a look at the design it has 3 internal power planes, one ground, one 3.3V, and one 5V. They seem to just strategically place caps at points around the board. However, this board had quite a few unpopulated capacitors. I think this was probably a cost savings measure and also that the board …

Re: S3 Virge GX 385 Video Noise Recap?

Replaced all the electrolytics with new higher quality and it has improved the noise probably 70% or so. Interesting aside, they had all drifted higher, some 50%. I've read that is typical of using 16V caps on lower voltages. I really think it is on the power filtering side. I'm going to try to …

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