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Re: DOS32AWE - DOS/4G compatible DOS Extender with Sound Blaster AWEUTIL MIDI synthesizer support for Protected mode,V

Social schisms aren't uncommon in the wild mixing pot that is the internet. Pandemic blues and society exhaustion are also big factors which sap tolerance and patience from us all. I regret anything negative I have said in the past. Everyone must make a conscious effort to take a lighter approach, …

Re: CRT nostalgia vs the 15KHz monitor whine

If that high pitched CRT whine doesn't bother you: Either your *old*, or somehow grown use to it. I love my CRTs, but i can't be in a room with one for more then a few minutes before i start feeling physically ill from that high pitched noise. Iv had a few quiet CRTs though, those i keep. It didn't …

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