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Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

Digital mastering at it's worst has become highly detrimental to the quality of the audio with excessive clipping and virtually no dynamic range left in the material. It wasn't just a case of "pushing a little into the red" as you put it. It was , and then we ended up in the loudness war. If you …

Re: Why do you old computers endure today ?

I haven't had any issues with PCI cards, except some Audigy 1 cards that arrived DOA from eBay. Other than that, all of my PCI cards that ever worked, still work. Same for AGP and PCIe, although, I do expect hot-rod graphics cards to fail earlier than their contemporaries. They run hot, they heat- …

Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

That wasn't really a common practice back when gamers had sound modules. We were somewhere between the era where mastering engineers were terrified of peaking at 0dBfs and so kept their transient levels closer to -6dB just to be safe, and when Pro Tools ushered in the DAW as standard operating …

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