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Re: Man builds his own 80s VHS store in the cellar

in Milliways
I've seen similar projects in the past and wished I could do a tenth of that. Sadly my basement is much too small so I had to pass up on the ex Blockbuster display shelves I saw on eBay once. Consequently I can't go fully nuts indulging my nostalgia. Compared to 500 DVDs and Blu-rays, this is …

Re: WinGPT, AI chat bot for Windows 3.1

Wow TLS 1.2 and 1.3 on Windows 3.1x.... 😮 There is a possibility of a functional browser without a proxy. And it will be the most secure. Today no hackers, malware and viruses know about 16bit Windows enviroment. 🤣 Forget 2FA. Bank online with Windows 3.1 and only take money out of cash machines …

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