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Re: SCORE under DosBox

in DOSBox General
Hmm that is odd. I recall that error is from a slur sign and was related to something in the fpu emulation. Can you send me an email on the email listed on https://www.dosbox.com/crew.php ? Will see if I can help you out. (will need a file with slur in it if it is indeed the problem I am thinking …

Re: Graphic Filters

in DOSBox General
scaler=none with opengl is indeed very blurry. not sure why you think that scaler=none would be good with that. normal3x with opengl is better or switch to openglnb for the output Alternatively use a svn build of dosbox (non-ECE) and set shader to sharp with output=opengl

Re: Problem with MUNT

in MT-32 General
if you use midi in dosbox. you can't capture it with the dosbox capture, but you have to use audacity or something like that. (as the midi sound isn't generated by dosbox)

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