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Re: Neat article about one of the last floppy disk businesses.

in Milliways
I'm not against any kind of legal business, but when someone tries to sell me something at a more than twice a market price and calls it "SALE"... No, thank you. 🙂 The Amiga hardware scene is way worse, maybe. It doesn't charge for an arm and a leg, but both pairs of them. :D Well, when someone …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
What's interesting below describes as if 16-bit cpu pcs could not run 8-bit apps. Ddual cpu (8-bit +16-bit) was required for that. These 16-bit versions of CP/M required application programs to be re-compiled for the new CPUs. Some programs written in assembly language could be automatically …

Re: Slow tseng et4000

Just quickly checking Programmer's Guide to the EGA and VGA Cards book by Richard F Ferraro, you might be able to use DOS "debug" to check the config of the card. At least, if I am reading it correctly. Maybe something like: mov dx,3d4h mov al,36 out dx,al mov dx,3d5h in al,dx Check the bit 6 in AL. …

Re: 320x240 16bit color mode with WD90C31

Maybe try the UniVBE driver from this website (it's not "that" UniVBE). It seems to support your chipset, so you might give it a go. But like others have said here, ISA will be a severe bottleneck (and probably other pats of your system as well). Paradise PVGA1A, WD90C00/10/11/20/21/30/31 https:// …

Re: Trident ISA card picture issues

I saw the same problem with numerous ISA and old PCI graphics cards. My guess is the cards have a low quality analog output that shows the vertical banding on LCD monitors, but may have been unnoticeable on old CRT monitors of that time period. The only ISA card I have that looks good on a LCD is …

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