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Re: What game are you playing now?

after playing for so long i, ironically, came to appreciate the driving mechanics more while still frustrated by the oft silly camera. helicopters are trickier, but then its a city full of skyscrapers! I actually really liked the GTA4 driving mechanics back then. They were the most realistic of any …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Outside of getting bored with it, there are usually a couple of reasons why I will give up on a game. First, if I take a long break, I find it difficult to get back into a game, especially if it's story heavy. My memory sucks, so I usually forget what was going on. I haven't really found a good …

Re: Bought these games today

Today I got the game no one ever bought yet everyone complains about not having a sequel. Filename IMG_20230918_164415.jpg File size 750.38 KiB Views 218 views The box in good condition, the discs are as if they were brand new.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Same here. I played through a quarter of it, maybe a third. Until the end of the Doom Hunter boss map. Where you beat the first one-on-one in an arena, then two other backed up by other demons... in a bigger arena. By that point I was already forcing myself to play, but then I just lost the drive to …

Re: Mid-noughties adventures on a modernish thin client

The t730 uses more power at around 30 watts, but it's performance is very impressive. Recently I've played through Ember and Stardew Valley on it with no performance issues. The T730 is fast, but it doesn't go further back than Windows 10. I wish it had W7 drivers. I use these types of machine for …

Mid-noughties adventures on a modernish thin client

I've been looking to get an emulator box/workshop PC so I checked out some thin clients. What I needed for it to be as fast as possible, passively cooled and compatible with Windows 7. That's where I found the HP T630 which looked like it could tick all the boxes: AMD GX-420GI Radeon R7E.png CPU …

Re: Starfield is released

ptr1ck wrote on 2023-09-11, 22:22: Both are the best achievements so far from each studio. I disagree on Bethesda. I think they peaked at around Oblivion/Fallout 3. Everything past those are one step forward, two steps back (ignoring 76 which is one step backwards, two steps back).

Re: Starfield is released

I haven't made a decision on the game yet. Skyrim was a competent time sink (competent at being a time sink), as for Fallout 4, it's already a high praise to call it mediocre. As for what I've seen about the game, it looks boring. Not something I'd pay 70€ for (which is already 10% more than $70).

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