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Re: Were you ever hurt by a computer?

in Milliways
Add this one to the list: Pinched fingers and jolted by an unplugged power supply. I was just trying (and struggling) to put back together a 27in iMac after a hard drive swap, I'll spare you the details, but at the moment that I had to pull the LCD out again (ain't an easy feat on a 27in!), my …

Re: SIV support for 386/486/586 class + Alpha CPUs and 3dfx + S3 + SiS + Matrox + XGI + old ATI + NVidia GPUs - Testing

It's been a long time, but I've got a rather curious PC (if it can even be called like that, it's more like of a SBC that piggybacks off a Power Macintosh), it's, odd, in every sense of the term. It's got a Cyrix 5x86 onboard, so that should be interesting. If you'd like, I can try and get SIV …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Just ordered a refurbished ThinkPad P52, not sure about it's specs but the listing mentioned this one as having a i7-8850H and a Quadro P1000-something of some kind, and a 512GB NVMe SSD. The listing didn't really mention anything about the dGPU that this one has (base dGPU on these is a Quadro …

Re: Sony CRT TVs and Monitors "breathing" and brightness problem - which caps/parts to replace to fix it?

It depends. If by breathing you mean the picture expanding when you show a bright image on the screen (this is generally called blooming) then it isn't fixable in any achievable way, as it stems from the electron guns (or cathodes in Trinitron/Diamondtron tubes) pulling so much power that the high …

Re: Were you ever hurt by a computer?

in Milliways
Yes, and more times than I can count... The most recent one was my main PC where I managed to hit a heatsink right with my elbow... Hitting the proverbial funny bone already hurts, but doing so on a Noctua NH-U12... That's a lot worse with all the tiny fins

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