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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

That's indeed funny. I did not know that by now. But here is a pic of mine: Filename IMG_20190323_201805-1040x780.jpg File size 235.63 KiB Views 1462 views What I forgot: I don't think the card is damaged, more that it's chip or BIOS specific because I have a second one by another manufacturer wich …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

I own a MA5ASOUND now and I am pretty pleased with that card. It's ALS100 (Non+) based, has high dma support, wb header and a working IDE interface. But something is quite weird: after post it get's the usual i5 d1 and h5 by the pnp bios and sometimes also I9 for the mpu device. Mostly wenn an IDE …

Re: Is SB Vibra16s good enough ?

The Vibras do suffer from the hanging note bug, both types, but yeah as mentioned if you’re not using the MPU401 then who cares? I think they’re a great option, super simple setup and sound nice. Wrong. There are at least three types of Vibra Chips: C,S and XV and as far as I know all XV's are DSP …

Re: Waverider32+ WAVETIDE Program Aborted!

Hi guys. I recently aquired exactly the same card and I'm very happy about it because I'm quite an Aztech fanboy and collect those goodies. Now to my "problems": 1. After struggeling some time to get digi sound working, I realized that FM sound is aprox. as half as loud as digi and wavetable. 2. …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

Thanks alot, Gerwin. But ALS100s Datasheet is missing also. There is just a spec sheet. With the original datasheet with the pinout and pindescreption i probably could fix my damaged ALS100 card. But thanks anyway.

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

Hi there. I'm planning in purchasing another Avance Logic soundcard (my third) to use it as an "every day card" because my Aztech's are too valuable to me. First two ALS's were just great in regards of audio quality. More important (to me) they played digitized sound in "Lost Files Of Sherlock …

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