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Re: Which video card should I buy?

my pci voodoo banshee died, and i ordered a riva 128 to fill the gap on my k6-2 pc. during the wait for the new card to arrive, i decided to use a spare s3 trio 3d/2x (2mb) for my dos games in the meantime. didnt run into any issues with any 2d games, and even ran Dark Forces 2 in D3D 400x300 res , …

Re: CD Audio, Emulation, VXD and WDM

So I was under the impression that WDM drivers can handle emulated CD audio via Daemon tools, and VXD is not going to work. There's nothing necessarily inherent to WDM that makes it uniquely capable of handling multiple audio streams in a way that VXD cannot. Can you, say, play a music file in …

CD Audio, Emulation, VXD and WDM

hey guys just a little curious about something i noticed the other night. I was having super difficult times getting my Audigy eX working in my w98 athlon xp machine and decided to move my Aureal 2 card (diamond monster sound) in to do it's job as I've got the correct drivers and know how to install …

Re: Michelangelo virus

WolverineDK wrote on 2020-03-12, 14:12: StSam wrote on 2020-03-10, 19:35: Is it the one that's supposed to flip the tankers? Nope that was the "Da Vinci" virus, from the film Hackers. hack the gibson

Re: Yet another Sound Blaster Live! in DOS thread

yea i dont think so. wdm just cant work with the vxd sb emulation. maybe a cheaper no brand pci card with wdm drivers you can daisy chain to the sb live, solely for cd audio via daemon tools. i'm actually in the middle of dealing with this myself, i've got an aureal vortex 2 and i am gonna shove my …

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