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Re: TANDY Dos-Gaming-Thread (1000RL/HD)

btw. still searching for a gui that supports 640x200@16 and has icons like geoworks or qm3. Right now I have installed gem12 and deskmate. I don't like deskmate, I prefer gem. Wonder if the Windows 2 Tandy 1000 4 color driver could be hacked for the more advanced 16 color mode? Not Saying Windows …

Re: PC games on consoles

Out of this World - snes - Original Game 1991 “Another World” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_World_(video_game) Always thought (at the time) it was an amazing game but after finally playing it It is a gotta do everything as prescribed game of memorization. Still decent looking for a “ …

Re: Frys electronics is Closing.

Well if you dont support local retailers they go out of business. People just aren’t building there own computers anymore. Software purchases are all done online today and downloaded over the internet. No people are buying any new computers anymore . I’ve never “bought” a downloadable (probably …

Re: RGB Monitor on MCGA output

no one wants some garbage downscaler converting to interlaced, they want native 15kHz progressive scan separating or combining sync is trivial with a $5 used extron box from ebay Your thinking of RCA composite not RGBS component Targa signalling My Futura 100 portrait system sends a native 512x480 …

Re: RGB Monitor on MCGA output

You likely have another issue , Combined sync Most RGB+S did not support separate sync like vga in analog mode. You would need to check the pinout to know for sure. Like I said an averkey or a multitude of other vga-> tv adapters would solve your issue without much thought converting your signal to …

Re: RGB Monitor on MCGA output

Classic 9pin 15khz Targa style RGB+Sync is not compatible with VGA unless you drive it through a specific Averkey VGA-TV adapter that has RGB analog or SCART capabilities. These screens generally were Broadcast TV monitors Amiga / Commodore and multiple standard ready for CGA/TTL/Analog/RCA/RGBS

Re: 2D side-scroller with a skeleton guy?

Studman86 wrote on 2021-02-10, 07:39: Hateful Chris (2000). Found the answer on another site. I know it's been many years now. May this answer find you in good health. Be well <3 Odd I would have figured Decap Attack https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decap_Attack

Re: Ports of Sonic CD, 1,2 remakes to DOS

in DOS
I always thought a game like Jazz Jackrabbit could be reshelled with different graphical assets, sprite interactions and maps Would be sonic like and much less resource heavy than these modern interpretations. Sadly not allowing “Sonic” to fire the gun would be a buzz kill

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