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Re: I miss the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

How many of you remember paying for internet access by the minute? I kept grandfathered under AOLs $4.95 a month plan many years My internet use patterns meant it always was cheaper than unlimited Once I knew I was going to be high use doing a bunch of auctions and switched to unlimited and AOL …

Re: What do you drive?

full electric vehicles % sales (march) in: China: 21% Europe: 14% You will need 1 Million charging stations to accommodate all these EV vehicles. Currently there are only a few thousand. There are 276 million vehicles registered in the U.S. as of 2019. This includes 156 million trucks, 108 million …

Re: Breaking the internet privacy

What is sad is 99% of the scammers are in corporate buildings operating just like any other business. Their locations are all known and quite centralized for “illicit “ operations Heck some US facing hackers have got their locations and security feeds with simple tools. 3 well placed bombs and 90% …

Re: What do you drive?

robertmo wrote on 2022-05-01, 17:36: full electric vehicles % sales (march) in: China: 21% Europe: 14% USA : 4.8% Of coarse it’s easier to have a higher percentage EV when you sell half as many vehicles overall

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