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Re: EGA/VGA emulation on Hercules

m1so wrote on 2014-11-08, 21:37: Out of curiosity, were any EGA/VGA emulators for Hercules cards ever written? Why not buy a EGA/VGA combo card that “emulates “ EGA on Hercules natively? To emulate EGA or VGA on a plain Hercules card would make everything slow as molasses, simply not practical

Re: Gatekeeping in the retro hobby

My experience is most Gatekeeping takes place when certain folks encounter certain other folks that buy rare expensive antiques to tear apart for key caps or to make motherboards into wall clocks. I’ve thrown out and recycled truckloads of semi rare hardware (oops) but I do get why people would like …

Re: 386 with 4GB?

Let me get this straight. You are essentially asking if it helps to use a Sata drive on a VLB controller for your paging file on a 386, yes? ... :] TLDR: there is nothing that would run well on a 386 and require more than 8MB of ram. Same deal with 486 and ~12MB of ram. There we’re definitely …

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