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Re: Found the vintage PC motherlode...

in Milliways
also, Justin (the guy that runs CR at the moment) is slammed with messages on FB and email, so give him some time to respond. He has had literally thousands of requests to join the facebook group, and it takes a long time to respond to everyone.

Re: IBM 5154 EGA monitor dim display

And what I do not understand, too, for what reason is it necessary to discharge the tube, unless it is going to be replaced? if you want to work on the chassis you'll most likely remove the anode cap so discharging the tube is a good idea But for what reasons except for CRT or horizontal output …

Re: IBM 5154 EGA monitor dim display

Personally I am using the building's GROUND in the power sockets to discharge the tube - it just makes me feel better to do so rather than using the monitor itself. I know this is a very old thread, but I can't let this bit of misinformation remain in good conscience. 'Discharging' the tube through …

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