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Re: DOSBox CVS Builds

The "tharos" build did stop because my server died 😉 I've a new one, but the cross-compile-environment is not working as it should.... As I'm really busy atm I don't know when I've the time to fix this stupid system.. but I'll post once it is done

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Yes, it was "Azrails Emulation Page", since the guy who created the page used "Azrail" as nickname.Azrail left the page some years ago, but the page was already known using the shortcut "AEP". We did not want to change the name, and now AEP is a backronym (or a recursive acronym - dunno whats …

Re: Graphics performance boost

i haven't updated the build yet, it's still the state of 12/12/2005 I think i'll update it once before christmas again (not now, I'm atm back in germany without the compile environment that is still in sweden 😉)

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

Someone got dosbox working GOOD with a SDL1.2.8 dll? If I build a sdl.dll version 1.2.8 there are some possibilities: - I build without directx support -> I get the dll where alt+tab doesnt work (the one i bundled with my builds last time) - I build with directx support -> I get a dll, where I can't …

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

I just gave Epic Pinball (shareware) a try: - controlling with shift-key works - leaving dosbox after playing in fullscreen resets the displaysize correctly --> the builds work for me -- not that easy to test

Re: DOSbox sound laggy

I don't know if the devs are that happy, if you complain about my builds in the official forum. You should stick to my forum first (whre you posted too) Maybe I screw something up while compiling, the last build was done with on a diffrent computer (so new mingw, new libs etc) and using more …

Re: CVS Builds By AEP

ok - seems to be some problems with the last build. the resolution problem was mentioned in my forum too, see http://www.aep-emu.de/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=1436 I don't know if my build is broken (maybe because of too many optimizations), or if the CVS is broken. I'll update the …

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