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Re: ATi Rage 128 Pro on Windows 98

All, Thanks so much for the help and suggestions. I'm working through them sequentially. First thing I did was install a newer version of DirectX straight of the original Call of Duty CD. I've now got DX 9.0b (which I'm surprised works on this card), but things seem to work now, I can run 3Dmark 99 …

ATi Rage 128 Pro on Windows 98

Hi, I added a Rage128 Pro to a windows 98 PC and I'm having all sorts of troubles. Main issue is when trying to launch 3Dmark 99, it tells me 'no 3d hardware detected' dxdiag (DX6.1a) lets me run direct draw tests, but not direct 3d. I'm on my 3rd reinstall of windows, as the drivers (from the AMD …

Re: Help with disk images

Robin4 wrote on 2020-11-09, 23:09: Never read of write on very old floppy disks. Best is the archive them directly with an archive program for diskettes. Yes, most of my floppy disks are archived, but not these. Shame I was looking for a 30th anniversary playthrough. J

Re: Bioshock with EAX

So I got a little further, I extracted the .gz file and placed the bioshock.exe in the folder. When I run this, I'm now prompted for my serial number, but it's telling me it's incorrect. I'm not sure if this is still trying to ping the 2k servers at this point.

Bioshock with EAX

Hi All, I'm wondering if someone can help me with this. What I'm trying to do: Play Bioshock with EAX What I have: An XP PC with an x-fi sound card. A retail boxed version of Bioshock. A Steam version of Bioshock I can't install from the retail version as the installer does a 2K games server check, …

Re: Later Sierra games - DOS 6.22

OK an update. I got hold of an S3 Virge DX and installed it. It seems GK1 now runs in VESA mode, though I'm not sure I can see the difference. Phantasmagoria runs OK now IF i select general MIDI, won't start if I select the MT-32 audio. I'm going to stick with the S3. Windows 3.11 still won't boot …

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