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Re: Sound Driver Pack

Searching through my games directory (fgrep -i -r ct-voice.drv), a few other games that seem to need CT-VOICE.DRV: - Caesar - Impressions Games - 1992 (CSR.EXE references it) - Omnitrend's Paladin II - Impressions Games - 1992 (PALADIN2.EXE references it) - Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight - Mindscape …

Re: Mouse copy/paste support (Windows)

in DOSBox Patches
Your DEBUG probably came from a real MS-DOS, and those original MS-DOS utilities specifically check the DOS version to see if it matches the DOS version they originally shipped with. So to get it to run you need to set your DOS version to the same version as expected by DEBUG To find out which DOS …

Re: old program help

Apart from the whole DOSBox does not support non-games issue... By default DOSBox will not access physical ports on the host, unless there is a config file that defines access. Those Windows 7 machines must have a dosbox config file with the right settings in them. If you right click on the shortcut …

Re: Old DOS-Software needs to print on LPT1

in DOSBox General
DOSBox does not support non-gaming programs, and does not really support printing. You want a DOSBox fork with printer support. In the past there was a "dosbox megabuild" and "dosbox daum", but those are no longer maintained. Maintained DOSBox forks/derivatives with printing support - DOSBox-X - …

Re: Installation Windows 98 SE + 3DFX drivers ?!

in DOSBox General
Looks like it cannot find it. Most likely because either the directory it is in, is not part of your library path. Or libpng15 has itself missing dependencies and so it is being excluded. Try running ldconfig -p|grep libpng You should get some results back, but it will not include libpng15. By …

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