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Re: 688 Attack Sub multiplayer mode error

Eureka!!! I finally found the solution to this issue and it is not Dosbox but Dosbox-staging just recently released as a stable emulator. It is the only one I found that has the phone book feature strictly necessary to run the simulator through a modem connection. The phone book file needs to be …

Re: Auto Launch Windows 3.1 Games?

in DOSBox General
I have a bunch of Win 3.1 games setup with runexit in DBGL, and it works fine. win runexit game For some games it works better if you first CD to the game's directory and then run from there. Just make sure that your windows directory is in the path, and that runexit is also in your path. Something …

Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

in DOSBox General
I'm having some strange issues with DBGL on Linux, using java 8 (openjdk). First of all, I upgraded from, I think 0.84, or 85 to 0.91. But DBGL cannot find any of the data now. It looks for a path that looks like /profiles\profilename and /captures\capturename, instead of /profiles/profilename and …

Re: What was the first computer you ever purchased?

in Milliways
After 3 "home computers", my first IBM PC compatible was a Philips NMS 9110 which was later upgraded with a 31MB hard-card (harddisk on a ISA card). I also replaced the 8088 with a NEC V20 to try to prolong its life a bit. It came with a ATi Small Wonder ISA card (Hercules, CGA and Plantronics combo …

Re: Dosbox 0.75?

in DOSBox General
You can; 1) Download the code from SVN (source code repository), and compile it yourself. 2) look for a DOSBox SVN build that someone else did 3) Try one of the DOSBox forks, which typically include the code from SVN plus more (DOSBox ECE, DOSBox-X, etc).

Re: Sound Blaster: From IRQ7 to IRQ5, when and why?

in Marvin \ Sound
OS/2 indeed had problems if your SB was set to IRQ7 due to the LPT conflict. And yes I vaguely remember some update which allowed for the co-existence, but it had performance impacts on printing. Windows 95 or 98 by default does not use IRQ7. You need to specifically go into device manager and …

Re: Fluidsynth soundfont patch

FYI, I submitted a patch to DOSBox-X, which was accepted, to change the default fluid.periods and fluid.periodsize values for non-windows systems to their proper values. It would be good if DOSBox ECE or any other forks that have the FluidSynth patch integrated also apply it for proper playback on …

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

in DOSBox General
Normally on linux the floppy drive would be /dev/fd0 and is a so-called "block device". It should not be too difficult to implement support for it in DOSBox, but nobody has until now, and considering how rare such setups are nowadays means it probably never will. The openMSX emulator for instance …

Re: Fluidsynth soundfont patch

Going through the official fluidsynth settings, I noticed that this patch uses default values for "periods" and "periodsize" that are actually meant for Windows. For Linux and MacOSX you should therefore add the following lines to your [midi] section: fluid.periods=16 fluid.periodsize=64 Those are …

Re: Getting a game to run faster

in DOSBox General
When you run the game, in the titlebar there should be something like "Cpu speed: 3000 cycles". The "3000" is the default if your DOSBox config has the cycles=auto setting, and if DOSBox did not auto detect that the game needed more. However this auto detect does not always detect that the game …

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