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Re: tseng labs e3000

in Marvin \ Video
Ok, indeed seems the zip file contains more. but... $ unzip ET3000.ZIP Archive: ET3000.ZIP ET3000/: mismatching "local" filename (README.1ST), continuing with "central" filename version file #2: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 37 file #3: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 80 file #4: bad …

Re: tseng labs e3000

in Marvin \ Video
These files seems to be meant for the Orchid ProDesigner ET3000 card, but presumably will work on any ET3000. Unfortunately it seems disk1 is missing from the ZIP file. Not sure either what it would have contained. And these are not actual disk copies, but only the files with the original timestamps …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

in DOSBox Patches
I created today a Pentium MMX class machine in 86Box 3.11, and gave it a 2GB RAW HDD image with Win98SE pre-installed that had been created with DOSBox-X. On first launch, it obviously found tons of new hardware, but it worked just fine. In fact, on my system, the guest OS felt a lot smoother in …

Re: Mount/imgmount after boot from hardfile.

in DOSBox General
Not with standard DOSBox. As mentioned, once you 'boot' a guest OS image, you loose access not only to any folder mounts, but also to CD-ROM drives, even when mounted via IMGMOUNT. The later is because standard DOSBox has no support for IDE emulation, which is needed to load a DOS CD-ROM driver.

Re: 86box mouse sensitivity

in PC Emulation
As for 86box specifically, it looks like it hasn't gotten an update for a few years, so if it doesn't work there's not much you can do, unless you want to try the nightly version and see if there's been a fix. Are you mixing up 86Box with PCem? 86Box has regular releases, the last one being from …

Re: Creative CSP help

Believe it or not I already went though different TFX exe's with a hexeditor in order to investigate what made the game tick to find out what's wrong and found that anything after patch 1.0 for the floppy version removed references to qsound so that was something to keep in mind , still thanks for …

Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

in DOSBox General
You can use a JDK version, and it is probably the easiest solution. I use Linux, so installing Java is very easy from the package manager. I assume your on Windows, so Oracle will try to get you to pay for the 'JSE' edition, which you don't actually need to do as Java is OpenSource. But Oracle try …

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