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Re: disable bilinear filtering in glide

I've asked Zeus some time ago about this too and he told me that there is no option to disable it. Whenever I wanted to have the filtering removed for a game (e.g. MDK, Requiem: Avenging Angel, Heretic II) I had to ask him how to do it. Usually it required hex editing one of the games exe files. …

Re: dgVoodoo with Star Wars Dark Forces 1

Such a shame to hear that. Makes me wish even more DarkXL development would continue again. Oh well, guess I just have to deal with it until one day someone would be able to create a tool or whatever that will improve the games visuals (DarkXL prooved it is possible). Thanks for the replies ZellSF …

dgVoodoo with Star Wars Dark Forces 1

I would like to know if anyone has any experience with using dgVoodoo for Star Wars Dark Forces 1 . I know for Outlaws you have to use a older version and playing through that with dgVoodoo worked very well for me but maybe there are differences between the Jedi engine used in Dark Forces and in …

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