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Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

For a cheap DX7 card, a Geforce4 mx440 is a good deal. Just make sure you get a 128bit version. They'll perform on par with a high-end Geforce2 series. Radeon 9100 is a good substitute for an 8500. 9600 Pro is about as high as I would go for a budget Windows 98 build. Everything beyond that is …

Re: Aureal Vortex, Is it any good ?

For true DOS, nothing competes with an ISA card. My Vortex2 card has only worked with an SiS735 board in DOS mode, and it didn't sound very nice. It didn't work with my Aladdin V, i815, and Nforce2 boards. I have never been able to get my Yamaha 7x4 cards to work reliably in DOS.

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