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Re: Paintbrush zoom-in problem on Win95

And, yet another update... While Googling for a 4.11 version of the driver, I found this download. I gave it a try...and it worked! Paintbrush now behaves properly. Maybe there are other problems left to be discovered, but I haven't found them yet. And now I can draw like it's 1995. 😎

Re: Paintbrush zoom-in problem on Win95

IIRC, neither NT Paintbrush nor any of the 32-bit NT 3.51 accessories work on Windows 9x. Microsoft compiled them to use NT-specific APIs before Win32 had become stabilized. Upon investigation, I discovered that I was using version 4.10.2307 of the ATI Rage driver. On my previous Windows …

Re: Paintbrush zoom-in problem on Win95

And, a quick update: When troubleshooting a few minutes ago, I accidentally discovered that this problem happens only when my display is set to a colour depth of 16-bit or higher. If I step down to 256 colours (regardless of resolution), the problem doesn't happen and Paintbrush behaves normally. …

Paintbrush zoom-in problem on Win95

Earlier this month, I was able to successfully get my Windows 95 system up and running again after a hard drive crash. Today, however, I stumbled upon a small but annoying problem. When running the Windows 3.1 Paintbrush accessory (not Windows 95 Paint) and using the View > Zoom In feature, the …

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