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Re: Awe64 Gold with SimmConn

Yes its quite a bummer to not be able to load soundfonts in DOS. I have a pimped up 486 100mhz that I added the AWE 64 gold with SIMMconn to be able to run old games with great sound but no luck there. The SIMMconn memory gets erased on reboot so not possible there. And running games via Win95 on a …

Install Win98 on a 120gb partition (1 TB hdd)?

in Windows
Just setup a new retro machine based on a PIII 1.4 ghz / 512mb ram system. I added modern 1TB hdd to that system (I don't want old hdds in my retro machine because of fear of lost data) ... I added it via a IDE -> SATA card/adapter thingy. I have installed Win2000 just fine and its working great. I …

Re: Fastest DOS VLB Graphics card ever?

I have a question about getting 2mb on a Tseng ET4000 variant card? If its a 1mb and there are slots on it for more memory . Would it be possible to move the extra 1mb memory from a Cirrus logic GD5428 over to a Tseng ET4000 variant card like https://www.ebay.com/itm/CARDEX-W32-XVGA-VLB-Gainward- …

Re: MP-32 : Pi based MT32, GM, ... module

i think munt and a slink linux will fully be able to run from ramdisk, so wear of sdcard can be reduced greatly. Anyway i see no need why anything should write on the sd in this case. logging on disk, temporary files.. everything can be put into ramdisk. I don't think it would be much read/write on …

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