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Re: MV's three retro PC builds

Seems like limiting the drive to 32 GB via jumper did the trick, now I see all 32 GB in the socket7 machine even on onboard IDE controller (and I lost only 8 GBs since the drive is 40 GB total capacity). Replaced the AD1816 sound card in super7 build with SB AWE64 Value (CT4520) card. Even with …

Re: 32MB showing up as 8MB

A VX supports 32 chip low density 64mb SDRAM It’s not a discovery and right in the spec, Sadly those are very rare so you almost always need to use a more common 256mb low density dimms at part capacity to make it work at partial density 64mb, it should be perfectly stable EDO dimms are just easier …

Re: MV's three retro PC builds

Niceee, i have the exact same MB520NH running P55C 200MHz and 256MB PC133 recognised as 64MB RAM. I didnt have any period correct cooler, so I had to install P3 (socket 370) intel cooler. I think it is louder than it needs to be. I am using the same patched BIOS and w98 only detects 8GB. I'll see if …

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