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Debugger GUI in a PC Emulator

Hi, I wonder is there is a PC Emulator with a debug GUI, like in the Amstrad Plus emulator: http://winape.net/help/debug.html I code in mixed ASM and Pascal and it is complex to debug. Real time memory display, DOS Memory bloc detection, break points and so on of course. And the dream would be to …

Need infos on the Tandy .SNG File Format.

Hi, I am planning to support the .SNG Tandy file format in Mod Master. I found a file format document, but it is not totally complete. Information about the timing (Duration of each note), Frequency used for the notes are missing. Doers anybody have information or source code ? Thanks ! FreddyV

Re: Capture PC Speaker

Hi, I did a wave output with different Deskmate"Instruments" and these are really basic Volume envelop applied on the Square wave output. Then, I can surely handle it without problem. Anyway, Tandy and PC Speaker would be a plus for me, and the community as I added .DRO format replay in my player, I …

Re: Capture PC Speaker

Hi, I definitely need it for Tandy as well, I am currently trying to decrypt the Tandy .sng file format, but the Tandy music use "Instruments", I suppose these instruments are done with variations of the output frequency/Volume… We can surely extend the .DRO format with PC Speaker, CMS and Tandy …

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