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Re: USB ISA cards?

Hi, and thanks again for the USB driver. What is the latest version? I think the latest i have is 0.22 dated 26 and 30. june 2022. my CH375216.SYS is dated 27. oktober 2022. I don't remember :) I did not change it since lot of time. I moved to my Picomem project, and this is much more promissing …

Re: USB ISA cards?

I tried it on my (486) IBM with a Pentium 83 MHz overdrive. The speeds went from 108 W 109 R to 365 W 375 R (typically). Much appreciated. :) Isa-02.jpg I tried setting the % to 1 and 2 but it just locks up when I try to do anything on the card. I also tried %255 and it corrupted the USB stick and …

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