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Re: Inherit the Earth - No Speech

I tried this game on my 486-DX33, and still no speech (although I am using an AWE64 again) Hello, I tried many cards with this game and only had three that worked well with this game Soundblaster 16 (486) Terratec 16/96 Gold (Pentium III) and an ALS 100 (I had one back in the 90s in a 486) I also …

Quake Enhanced resizing HUD?

in Windows
Hello, I have the Enhanced version of Quake. I didn't find anything to resize the HUD. Other versions (like quakespasm or vkquake have this option). How can I resize the HUD in the Enhanced version?

loopmidi Windows 7 problems

Hello. I recently installed Windows 7 and have problems with the installation of loopmidi. It always shows an error (code 52) when tevirtualmidi driver is installed. The device is not correctly recognized so I can't choose it in the loopmidi GUI. Can anyone give me a hint how I can fix this?

ReBuild Voodoo 5 Card

Hello, Weeks ago I moved over to recent hardware. New needs - so I intended to pause fiddling around with retros. But something caught my interest: I found a site where a voodoo 5 is shown - a new rebuild one. I didn't find more on this. Anyone knowing more about this? Source: https://www.modlabs. …

Re: How to use midi device with DOSBox in Windows 10?

Unsure if you got this to work, but I was messing around with the Sound Canvas VA VST and used LoopMidi to create a virtual midi device that I could route sound through. I currently am using Ableton to send the MIDI to, but any VST host works for my solution. All this so I can play an emulated …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Unfortunately nothing changes... Still the black screen/window problem.. 😐 fumbling around with output methods results that it looks like an OpenGL problem. It does not occur with overlay or ddraw. So what's the problem? I really would like to use OpenGL... What's the resolution of the game you are …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Thanks, it really became sharper, though it's not that dramatically different. And I'm now I question myself, do i really need it? Cause these games were played on CRT and CRT added its own smoothness to the image. So this pixel-perfect stuff is less close to original image that we have back then. …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Guys, i wanna try Pixel Perfect thing on my laptop but i don't get where i can enable it and how to work with it. No readme on DOSBox ECE was found. What should i do? I've got win xp with geforce fx and laptop screen 1600x1200. For example i wanna see doom in pixel perfect mode. I was expecting …

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