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Re: Reasonably priced mixer for your retro audio needs

in Marvin \ Sound
Once you start adding MIDI modules, you start to need a lot more ports. I have a Behringer RX1602 with 8 stereo (or 16 mono) inputs. Very happy with that, so when I needed more ports I just got a second. Behringer RX1602 looks very professional and is surprisingly affordable. However I prefer …

Reasonably priced mixer for your retro audio needs

in Marvin \ Sound
Hi do you guys use external audio mixer in your retro gear corner? One could use multiple soundcards\modules in-out ports you with internal mixers, but 80-90 consumer level PC parts tend to be rather noisy side. So mixing sound outside with modern hardware is preffered. I'll start with my experience …

Re: CT4500 making pulsating noise

in Marvin \ Sound
Thanks for replays. Muting unnecessary inputs was my first step. I actually used 90-ies audio cards back in the days so I'm doing it automatically even on modern PCs where it's not necessary. :happy: Also I don't think it's normal noise. None of my other ISA audio cards YMF719s, ES1868f or even …

CT4500 making pulsating noise

in Marvin \ Sound
So my newly acquired AWE64 is making pulsating noise when I crank up sliders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdztvC5-dfk Actually at normal everyday mixer levels I can't hear it with external speakers. It is somewhat audible with headphones though. Also it's present from both line out and spk out …

Re: Unofficial Soundbanks for Dreamblaster X2/X3M

in Marvin \ Sound
Slightly off topic but still relevant enough I think. Use case: I have my X3M connected to Yamaha MU50 via MIDI pass-trough connection. With external audio mixer I can dynamically slide in and out between two MIDI modules. Problem: appiah4 your X3M profile is fantastic one but in my use case …

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