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Re: Converting modern video files to older formats

in Marvin \ Video
Decided to share my experience with same use case. In my case I did it for concert BluRay's playback on my P3-933 Win98 rig. For P3-933 I found out that xvid (MP4) is suitable if you want to go higher than SD res. KLite codec pack is indeed simplest to install. However Mplayer is another player to …

Re: Replacing SB AWE32 RAM Sockets

in Marvin \ Sound
Digging up old thread at tail end on 2022 to share my experience. I could not source earlier this year in EU angeled twin SIMM replacement sockets with metal tabs. So I opted for 2 separate vertical ones. Even that ended up costing way more than I'm fully happy with with shipping from US + taxes …

Re: [Advice needed] Yamaha MU50 and "illegal data"

in Marvin \ Sound
...well 3 years later I found workaround to fix for my problem. I bought recently one more midi module - Roland SC55K. Tested two daisy-chained configurations: 1. PCI card gameport out -> MU50 -> midi passthrough -> SC-55K = "illegal data" on MU50 screen and both modules INOP 2. PCI card gameport …

Re: Yamaha XG with S/PDIF out ?

in Marvin \ Sound
As long time "normal" AW744 II (P/N 55.18610.631) user with added PC_PCI interface I decided to acquire Pro version (P/N 55.18610.631) with Digital I/O. So few confirmations from real card holder. Basically confirming Kodi findings. TOSLINK module is indeed TX178S. Aliexpress current pricing starts …

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