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Re: Is anyone excited for Big Navi?

in Milliways
I just bought a 1660 for my old i7-4700, but it's more of a stopgap solution since I got it cheap (OB) and just needed something faster than onboard gfx. The plain RX 6800 looks great, faster than an RTX 3070 and cheaper. Maybe they'll be in stock next year when I build my new computer!

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
I'm starting to get back into modern PC gaming again so I ordered an open box GTX 1660 for pretty cheap. I know it's far from the best, but coming from Intel 4600 graphics I think I'll be happy. Not sure how much that cost you but considering market prices you would probably have gotten better bang …

Re: What display do you use for gaming ?

You guys with your fancy CRTs, 144hz LCDs, 4k projectors and RetroTINKs are so lucky. I only have 3 boring displays. A 1280x1024 19" Viewsonic LCD for my retro rig, a 1440p 60hz 27" generic monitor (remember the super cheap Korean IPS craze around 10 years ago? It's one of those). And a 55" 1080P …

Re: X-FI locking up in F.E.A.R.

OK so I put my old Sound Blaster Live back in and FEAR works fine! So I guess there is something wrong with the X-FI. Really sucks because even the first 5 minutes of FEAR does sound more immersive through the X-FI. 🙁

X-FI locking up in F.E.A.R.

I started playing this game again and am having issues with the sound. Right from the intro sequence, I hear popping and scratching. Now if that were the only issue, I'd try to live with it. But 5 minutes in, just before the first ghostly encounter, the game becomes unplayable. It drops to like 2fps …

Re: Incoming (GOG) Glide Mode

leileilol wrote on 2020-09-06, 23:55: Incoming is Direct3D only. Hmm, looks like you're right. I saw Incoming on the Windows Glide Game List, but upon further inspection it looks like only the version that shipped with Voodoo2 cards run in Glide mode. Bummer. Guess I'll continue running it on my XP …

Incoming (GOG) Glide Mode

Hey guys, I copied my GOG version of Incoming to a Windows 98 PC with a Voodoo 3000 video card, but I can't seem to find the rendering mode options. I was playing it on a Windows XP PC with a Geforce 6600 before, so I think it was using Direct 3D or maybe OpenGL on that system. I basically just …

Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator

in Milliways
Bruninho wrote on 2020-07-14, 15:30: I believe it is bad programming when a game demands too high specs to be playable. What? The system requirements for Flight Simulator actually look quite tame compared to those required by most other AAA games these days. i5-4460 and GTX 770...that's 2013 tech!

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

from HWbot https://d1ebmxcfh8bf9c.cloudfront.net/u4702/image_id_1257775.jpeg I don't get it! How do you guys get such high scores? This is better than my Celeron 800MHZ with NVIDIA Ti4200 = 3469 pts. I also saw someone else getting more than 12000 with a P3 which I think my score should be closer …

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