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Re: Using Creative Goldfinch

badmojo wrote on 2022-04-22, 00:42: I've tried it with quite a few SB16's over the years and it worked fine - the CT2230 for example has a real OPL3 and works. Are you using the Goldfinch driver CD from VogonDrivers? Mine came with an original driver cd.

Using Creative Goldfinch

Hi guys, I just recently got a cretive goldfinch AWE32 Upgrade card and now I am wondering how I can use it. It seems there are a couple of different versions of this card. The best option it seems is the version with LINE OUT and SPDIF. Mine actually does not have LINE OUT and comes only with the …

MiroSound PCM20: cannot install drivers

Hi guys, I am trying to install my PCM20 in one of my retro rigs. However, I am not able to install the drivers in Windows 3.11. Everytime I try to start the installation program I get the message shown that I do not have enough RAM and cannot start the installation. That can obviously not be the …

Roland MPU 401AT

I just recently got a Roland MPU 401 AT and have a couple of questions since I was not able to find a manual for it. - Is it an MPU-401 intelligent mode device to connect a MT-32, SC-55 etc.? - Or can it produce midi sound without any other external devices? - What are the I/O options good for ( …

AT Powersupply Wiring

Hi guys, I have 2 old AT powersupplies lying around which have never been used. Now I'd like to place them in my AT cases but I am not sure how to wire them up. If I am not mistaken there are 4 wires going from the power supply to the power button. But which cable needs to be connected with which …

Ensoniq Soundscape Elite Hardware Manual

Hi guys, I am looking for the hardware manual for my Ensoniq Soundscape Elite. Unfortunately I was only able to find the manual for the Soundscape but not for the Elite version. Does anyone have PDF version of the manual? Also it seems there was a bonus CD for the Soundscape Elite included in some …

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