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Re: STB Lightspeed 128 2.25Mb vs STB Nitro 3D/GX 4MB

Achilles2 wrote on 2024-06-17, 18:26: Yes, it's the one detailed here: https://dosdays.co.uk/topics/Manufacturers/st … stems.php#LS128 It doesn't list 1024 x 768 x 16.7M modes... But OK, I've found this page - https://wiki.preterhuman.net/STB_Lightspeed_128 There are photos of two variants: 2 x …

Re: Best CGA & Hercules monochrome games

ediflorianUS wrote on 2024-06-10, 14:13: Anyway here is a question , if site says game is compatible with(M)CGA, why can't I launch it on my toshiba? That Toshiba has CGA, right? MCGA is a completely different video standard, supporting 320 x 200 x 256-color and 640 x 480 x 2-color.

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