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Re: isa sound card with removable chip

AppleSauce wrote on 2021-10-20, 23:16: Wasn't the GF1 chip socketed on the original gravis ultrasound? It was. Even in the late 90s there were cards like Creamware TripleDAT/CutMaster with socketed chips - but this was high-end digital audio workstation stuff...

Re: isa sound card with removable chip

Socketed chips were common on early sound cards, see eg. Sound Blaster 1.x, with a bunch of socketed chips: OPL2, DAC for OPL2, DSP, 2 x CMS But I've never seen sockets on those late-ISA single-chip cards. So yes, I'm also inclined to believe it's development, not retail.

Re: Do those exist at all: Serial-to-USB / Parallel-to-USB / SCSI-to-USB / PCMCIA (Type I or II) to USB adapters ?

Don't know why, but always thought that USB t0 PS2 + PS2 to Serial adapters should be enough for a mouse 🙄 Must be careful with such things... Those common PS/2 mouse <-> COM port adapters only work if the mouse is designed for both PS/2 and COM ports, notably it must support the 12 V of the RS-232 …

Re: Web browser market share over the years.

Seamonkey can still be configured to back to Communicator 4.x layout and buttons, and there's a few themes that bring back the Seamonkey 1.x/Communicator4 graphics (Seazilla etc) so all the old Netscape familiarism can still be had . Seazilla looks promising, but... "This add-on is not compatible …

Re: Anybody recognises this MDA card?

Badscrew wrote on 2021-09-18, 11:31: Good to know that the LPT could be disabled: I already have one on my multi-io card. Is it closed disabled or open disable, do you know? In the card I have, closed = disabled. But indeed, it probably won't conflict with the I/O card.

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