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Re: Best isa gpu?

I find it amusing to see all graphics cards referred to as "GPU". This may be true with modern graphics adapters, but in the ISA era vast majority of cards were either dumb framebuffers, or fixed-function accelerators - in both cases no processors there! About the only things deserving the term "GPU …

Re: Windows 2.x: what can be done with it?

Strange, nothing about Corel Draw on that page? I think Corel was the most common reason to use pre-3.0 Windows versions, maybe even unconsciously - there was some stripped-down Windows distribution intended to be bundled with 3rd-party software, and Corel might have used that. As for networking, …

Re: Creative Labs Port Blaster

I wonder if the Port Blaster would have supported DMA transfer via ECP/EPP? No, there wasn't ECP in 1992. Come to think of it, an LPT sound card might have been feasible for games in 1992. The main reason that few games supported Covox was that it was very hard for background music - not only no …

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