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Re: What makes (or made) WinME so horrible?

3. I liked the ME's USB, Network, fast boot, and (I could be wrong) NTFS support. Is it possible to have all this in the 98? - Windows 98 has USB support, only lacks support for USB storage - but it can be added - I have no idea what you liked about ME's network support - there's no important …

Re: ISA card - help with identification

in Milliways
Question: how to I test it without a MFM drive? Kinda guessing I can't :) All you can do is checking the controller's BIOS. That controller is for XT computers - they lack hard disk support in the main BIOS, so the support must be provided by BIOS extension installed on the card. You can install …

Re: Why isn't drawn pictures with an old video card?

in PC Emulation
Windows 1.x was developed on a platform with a higher-end graphics, a Tandy 2000 (640x400 16c). Can't see any Tandy option in Windows 1.01, nor any other 640x400 hardware. The best is EGA. Notable is the lack of PGC support - I guess the PGC was best suited for vector-oriented graphics in CAD …

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