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Re: End of an Era

Crysis requires 64-bit OS to work best and Windows XP 64-bit is a mess. For some reason Crysis 64 won't launch on my vista 64 pc. No. Far Cry requires GPUs which don't work with Win9x (Radeon X1900) or work bad (GeForce 7900). Far cry was almost 2 years old at the time of the x1900 launch. I could …

Re: 650Ti or HD5870 for late XP?

in Marvin \ Video
I'd say go nvidia, SGSSAA can be forced with nvidia inspector (even if somewhat fiddly in some cases), and generally when it comes to AA, I've found that AMD's drivers circa 2011-13 (and arguably later) do a very poor job at forcing SSAA and transparency AA modes (checked on a 4850 with a Catalyst …

Re: Truform on ATi GPUs after Radeon 8500/9100

in Marvin \ Video
R200 is faster at Serious Sam Truform in OpenGL than in D3D, by about 20%. On P4 2.8Ghz and on C2D 6420 (c2d is ~3% faster). It's almost exactly as fast as the above graph for 2500k and x850, at 1024x768 in OGL with high Truform. Forgot to mention: no AA for Radeon 9100 @ 275/275Mhz yields ~43fps …

Re: Aureal Vortex 1 - WinXp Drivers?

in Marvin \ Sound
You can also use the A3D-Live wrapper from here http://www.worknd.ru/ . Will enable A3D 2.0 and 3.0 support for XP. Aureal's demos work and Half-Life seems to work well too. Also, this wrapper is the only way you can enjoy Painkiller with A3D 2.0, since it is essentially unplayable with Aureal's …

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