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Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

Jasin Natael wrote on 2022-05-23, 17:33: You do realize that Windows 98 is going to ignore all but one core/thread right? Yes, I do realize. My main goal for this build is Windows 98 compatibility. But, I plan to use multi-boot for Windows XP, and possibly also Windows 7. -Brian

Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

This board is such an overkill for windows 98 I'm amazed that it works at all :-) PCI-X slots are 3.3V only. According to the manual of this board, there are 2 PCI-X buses: one with 2 slots and one with a single slot. If you can find a card which is fine with 3.3V only try this: Try putting your …

Re: AdLib GOLD clone is now a reality

Very interested in this project! While I'm here... would anyone happen to have a dump of the firmware? I have an original GOLD, and the firmware went bad. I've ordered some replacement chips... but, I need a clean dump to reflash. Hoping someone can help me out! -Brian

Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

There is apparently a Dell PCI-X SoundBlaster card, in the X-Fi family, but I can't confirm it's authenticity and I don't understand why Dell would ever request such a product from Creative Labs. https://jbsdevices.com/item/dell-0ct602-network-adapter?catchall&gclid= …

Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

LSS10999 wrote on 2022-05-23, 02:20: If the board has both PCI and PCI-X slots, I think it's better to use the PCI slots for sound cards and leave PCI-X slots exclusively to actual PCI-X cards. The board I am using is the Supermicro X8DTN+, which unfortunately does not have any 32-bit PCI slots. - …

Re: PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

Correct, I am referring to PCI-X. So far, I've found only 1 PCIe sound card that works in Windows 98... and, it's ok, at best. I have been finding that some sound cards, with universal 32-bit PCI, do NOT play nice in 3.3V slots. Many of the Aureal Vortex cards are afflicted by this design challenge. …

PCI-X Compatible Sound Cards

Hey Guys, I'm looking for recommendations for a sound card that's fully-compatible with PCI-X. Unfortunately, I've found-out the hard way that just because the card physically fits into the slot, does not mean it's going to work properly. Ideally, I'm looking for something that supports Windows 98. …

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