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Re: Mt-32 music player?

Falcosof, sorry for the late reply, but the problem is that I am using Real MT-32 (old model) to play the midi file. I have been too busy to try to figure this thing but I am going to consult someone from midi music adventures website for this problem after I have the time. For the most part Larry3 …

Re: Mt-32 music player?

Hi, I have recently added the ability to load accompanying .syx files together with midi files. So e.g. in case of Monkey Ireland 2 MT-32 midi files where the pairs are usually look like MI2_1.mid and MI2_1.syx the syx files are automatically loaded/sent before the midi file. My player also …

How to send own text to MT-32

Re: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=111728#p111728 I've been trying to get my own messages displayed on the screen as well and I managed to do it. The Checksum error that you get is quite normal: the checksum is in fact a byte which is calculated by calculating the sum of previous bytes of …

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